AOUGCC 2017 WFDF 2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships

Event Description

The Philippine Flying Disc Association ("PFDA") in partnership with the World Flying Disc Federation ("WFDF") to hosting the WFDF 2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate & Guts Club Championships ("AOUGCC 2017") at the Ayala Alabang Country Club in Manila, the Philippines from the August 18-20, 2017. Guts is featured in the event, along with Ultimate which will have three (3) division in ultimate: Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed.

Tournament Summary 

  • Number of Teams: 65 (22 Men's, 11 Women's, 28 Mixed, 4 Guts)
  • Countries Represented: Australia, Cambodia, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

Tournament Venue

AOUGCC will use the same venue all week. The Ayala Alabang Country Club is an 8 hectare grass field site hosting 13 fields. The venue is located around 30 minutes South of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila, Philippines. The venue has hosted the successful Manila Spirits for the past years.

Message from the PFDA

"Mabuhay from the Philippine Islands,

We are looking forward to hosting the 2017 Asian Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships. We welcome all participating club teams and their supporters from countries all over South East Asia and Asian Oceanic in this prestigious event. We are also very excited to host a new discipline of disc sports to our country: GUTS. It will truly be something that both the Philippine and Asian Ultimate Communities will be interested to practice and master in time. This being the second WFDF event that Philippines in the last 5 years, you can be rest assured that we will do our best in providing all participants, spectators and partners an event to help further develop disc sports here in Asia."

See you on the fields,
Pinggoy Bautista
Philippine Flying Disc Association

Thursday Night, August 17, 2017

  • Registration - 7PM
  • Captain's Meeting - 8PM
  • Spirit Captain's Meeting - 9PM
  • Venue: Azumi Boutique Hotel, Alabang

Saturday Night Socials, August 19, 2017

  • Entertainment: Band, DJ
  • Food and Drinks: Finger Food, Beer, Mixed Drinks
  • Time: 9PM - 2AM
  • Venue: The Filinvest Tent, Alabang


The tournament will run from Thursday – Sunday, August 17 to 20, 2017 (4 days). Below is a summary of the activities. Attendance of at  least one (1) representative from each team is required in Thursday evening meetings. Should weather cause delays to play, the schedule will be adjusted accordingly to ensure the finals are played as scheduled on day 4.

Thursday, August 17, Day 1

  • Registration at Romulo Restaurant, Ground Floor Azumi Boutique Hotel (7:00PM – 11:00PM)
  • Captain’s Meeting at Penthouse, Azumi Boutique Hotel (8:00PM)
  • Spirit Captain’s Meeting at Penthouse, Azumi Boutique Hotel (9:00PM)

Friday, August 18, Day 2

  • Games at Alabang Country Club Fields (7:30AM – 545PM)
  • Parade of Teams at Alabang Country Club Fields (6:00PM)
    • players must be in team uniforms
  • Jersey Trade at Alabang Country Club Fields (7:00PM)
  • AFDF Congress for WFDF National Federation representatives at Narra Room, 3rd Floor Alabang Country Club (8:00PM)

Saturday, August 19, Day 3

  • Games at Alabang Country Club Fields (7:30AM – 545PM)
  • Socials at The Filinvest Test (9:00PM – 2:00AM)
    • performance from a band, then music from DJ’s
    • free flowing drinks, and finger food

Sunday, August 20, Day 4

  • Games at Alabang Country Club Fields (7:30AM – 545PM)
  • Awarding at Alabang Country Club Fields (6:00PM)
  • Socials at Alabang Country Club Fields (7:00PM-10:00PM)

Registration Fees

There are five (5) divisions in AOUGCC 2017:

  • Men’s (M)
  • Women’s (W)
  • Mixed (X)
  • Master Men’s (MM)
  • Guts (G)
The fees are due as follows:
Fee Amount Deadline
Team Registration Online Form N/A PRIOR TO Friday 10th March 2017
Team Fee (Ultimate) PHP 8000 Friday 17th March 2017
Team Fee (Guts) PHP 2000 Friday 17th May 2017
Early Bird Player Fee (Ultimate) PHP 4000 Friday 21st April 2017
Early Bird Player Fee (Guts) PHP 4000 Friday 31st May 2017
Player Fee (Guts) PHP 4500 Friday 16th June 2017
Player Fee (Ultimate) PHP 4500 Friday 16th June 2017
Non-Player Fee PHP 2400 Friday 19th May 2017
  • All fees are in Philippine Peso PHP (please ensure your payment is made in the right currency)
  • The team fee is NOT reimbursable
  • The player fee can be transferred but is NOT reimbursable (subject to certain exceptions and restrictions)
  • The Non-Player Fee includes access to all event facilities, transportation, accreditation and a gift pack. This option should be chosen for anyone attending the event as part of a team who is not included on the team roster (ie- Administrative staff, coach, chaperone)
  • All bank fees and transfer charges are at the cost of the payer – if there are any outstanding monies they will be collected in cash during on-site event registration.

Registration Process

To nominate your team for each division, please follow the steps carefully as outlined below.

STEP 1 – Complete on-line pre-registration form by using the following link:

National federations are kindly asked to make all team nominations prior to the 10th March, 2017. * If your National Federation is not nominating any teams, please still fill out the form so we can mark you off the list.

STEP 2 –  On Saturday 11th March, each National Federation will be sent the team fee invoices via email. Full team fee payment (prior to the 17th March, 2017) will secure your teams bid in each division. Any teams not meeting the payment deadline risk losing their bid. Teams are kindly asked to ensure that their payments and transfers cover the cost of any banking fees.

STEP 3 – For any questions about the Team registrations process, please do not hesitate to contact WFDF Event Manager – Karina Woldt Email:

Please be sure to put AOUGCC Reg and your Country Code and Division in the subject (Eg: AOUGCC Reg, PHI, Men’s).

Event Deadlines

Please make note of the event deadlines as outlined below – failure to meet the deadlines could result in automatic loss of your team bid.

You are kindly asked to supply information and make payments as soon as possible – please do not wait until you are close to the deadline as this simply creates a bottleneck of work for the WFDF and the TOC. We are not able to extend the deadlines nor make exceptions to the fees published – please do not ask.

The deadlines for AOUGCC 2017 are as follows:

Tasks Notes Deadlines
Team registration NF to nominate which divisions they wish to register a team Friday 10th March 2017
Bid confirmation for team fees sent Team Fee will be firmed and an invoice sent via email to each NF. Saturday 11th March 2017
Team fee due PHP 8000 (Ultimate) / PHP 2000 (Guts) Friday 17th March 2017
Early bird players Fee PHP 4000 (Ultimate and Guts) Friday 21st April 2017
NF to finalize team size Number of players and number of Non-players to be emailed to TOC Friday 12th May 2017
Email for players’ fees sent Players Fee will be firmed and an invoice sent via email to each NF Saturday 13th May 2017
Player & Non-Player Fee Due Players fee PHP4500 (Ultimate and Guts), Non Players fee PHP2400 Email confirmation of payment Friday 19th May 2017
Players Briefing Book (PBB) released This will outline all team and player registration requirements & event eligibility mandates Friday 19th May 2017
Submit Rosters This will lock the number of people who will be accredited as part of the team. Friday 9th June 2017
Rosters Locked Changes after this date will be at the discretion of the TOC/WFDF and will require a doctors certificate for any injury swaps. Friday 16th June 2017

Philippine Visa

You are responsible for obtaining the correct paperwork to visit the Philippines to compete at AOUGCC 2017. Please note that we cannot provide specific advice on the process, but we do strongly recommend that you get started as soon as possible.

The TOC can provide your team administrator with a letter confirming your team’s registration at the event. To do that we generally require confirmation of the following details for all the members of your group: full name (as shown on passport), passport number, date of birth and role on team (i.e. player, coach, manager, etc).

Please make sure you leave us some time to produce this document. Do not assume that we can send it back the same day! Find out if you will need a hard copy with original signature – obviously that will take extra time so please plan ahead.

Please note that we cannot and will not provide a formal “invitation” to attend the event, and that non-ability to enter the Philippines is not grounds for a request of a refund for a team and/or player fees.


Ultimate relies upon a Spirit of the Game that places the responsibility for fair play on every player. There are no referees; the players are solely responsible for following and enforcing the rules, even at World Championship. Competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of respect between players, adherence to the rules, and the basic joy of play.

After every game, it is important that teams reflect on the performance of their opponents in upholding Spirit of the Game by scoring them in five aspects:

  • Rules Knowledge of Use (ex. They did not purposefully misinterpret the rules. When they didn’t know the rules they showed a real willingness to learn.)
  • Fouls and Body Contact (ex. They avoided fouling, contact, and dangerous plays)
  • Fair-Mindedness (ex. They apologized in situations where it was appropriate, informed teammates about wrong / unnecessary calls. Only called significant breaches.)
  • Positive Attitude and Self-Control (ex. They were polite. They played with appropriate intensity irrespective of the score. They left an overall positive impression during and after the game.)
  • Communication (ex. They communicated respectfully. They listened. They kept to discussion time limits.)

Visit the official WFDF page to learn more about Spirit of the Game.



AOUGCC 2017 is going to follow the official rules of WFDF for guts and ultimate.



As a requirement, more than 50% of the team (including the Spirit Captain, and the Team Captain) must have Advanced Accreditation. The rest of the team must have at least Standard Accreditation.


Game Advisors

The WFDF 2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships (AOUGCC) in Manila, Philippines, will include the use of Game Advisers ( If you are interested in undertaking the Game Adviser role at this event, or interested in receiving training in how to be a Game Advisor, please fill in the form below.

WFDF will do the training for Game Advisers during the week of AOUGCC.

Get some official AOUGCC 2017 merchandise care of VC Ultimate and Discraft.

Order jerseys and tanks online through VC Ultimate’s website (, and get it at the event itself. Deadline of orders is on July 19th.


Discs will be sold at the tournament venue for PHP800.00 each.

Participating Countries

AOUGCC 2017 will have representation from the following 14 countries in the Asia-Oceanic region:

  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan (ROC)
  • Thailand

Participating Teams

Across three ultimate divisions and guts, there will be 65 teams playing in AOUGCC 2017:

Ultimate – Mixed Division:

  • #LGW (Korea)
  • Airborne (India)
  • Alpha (Philippines)
  • Aotearoa (New Zealand)
  • Badgers (Malaysia)
  • Blue Bottles (Australia)
  • Boracay Pirates (Philippines)
  • Cafe de Luida (Japan)
  • Cambodia Ultimate (Cambodia)
  • CGY Ninjas (Philippines)
  • Chuckies (Singapore)
  • CUUP (China)
  • Double T (Hong Kong)
  • Freakshow (Singapore)
  • Garudas (Indonesia)
  • IKU (Japan)
  • Islanders (Malaysia)
  • Mulatto (Philippines)
  • Osaka Natto (Japan)
  • Paradigm (Australia)
  • Rascals (Singapore)
  • Rojaks (Malaysia)
  • SP (Philippines)
  • Sublime (Australia)
  • Supernova (Taiwan)
  • Team Thailand (Thailand)
  • Vanguard (Australia)
  • Whisby Nation (Taiwan)

Ultimate – Men’s Division:

  • Airbenders (India)
  • Bagani (Philippines)
  • Boys Weekend (Hong Kong)
  • Carebears (Malaysia)
  • Colony Ultimate (Australia)
  • Crackerjack Clutch (Singapore)
  • Crackerjack Crush (Singapore)
  • CUUP X (China)
  • CUUP Y (China)
  • Goannas (Australia)
  • Gorilla Strong (Japan)
  • Hao Cool (Taiwan)
  • Karne Norte (Philippines)
  • Melbourne Hot Chilly (Australia)
  • Melbourne Juggernaut (Australia)
  • Nomadic Tribe (Japan)
  • Osaka Spirits (Japan)
  • Ouch (Singapore)
  • Pancake (Philippines)
  • Ultimaholix-MIT (Taiwan)
  • Vicious (Philippines)
  • Young Blood (Philippines)

Ultimate – Women’s Division:

  • Bad Blood (Philippines)
  • Bauhaus (Australia)
  • Black Kites (Hong Kong)
  • Carebears (Malaysian)
  • CUUP (China)
  • Demigodess (Taiwan)
  • Havoc Mayhem (Singapore)
  • Havoc Rampage (Singapore)
  • Huck (Japan)
  • KAOS (Australia)
  • Vicious Girls (Philippines)


  • Jaeger (Japan)
  • Mangrove Crab (Taiwan)
  • Taoyuan 3 of Clubs (Taiwan)
  • Warriors (Japan)

TOC Social Media Channels

Media Partner Channels:

Official Event Tag

  • #AOUGCC2017

Sport / Division Tags

  • Men’s Ultimate – #MEN
  • Women’s Ultimate – #WMEN
  • Mixed Ultimate – #MIX
  • Guts – #GUTS

Team Tags

Teams are encouraged to create and use team tags for the tournament.

Country Tags

Following the practice of the recently concluded World Championships of Beach Ultimate 2017 in Royan, France, participants are urged to use the respective IOC Country Code in AOUGCC-related social media posts:

  • Australia – #AUS
  • Cambodia – #CAM
  • China – #CHN
  • Hong Kong – #HKG
  • India – #IND
  • Indonesia – #INA
  • Japan – #JPM
  • South Korea – #KOR
  • Malaysia – #MAL
  • New Zealand – #NZL
  • Philippines – #PHL
  • Singapore – #SIN
  • Taiwan (ROC) – #TPE
  • Thailand – #THA




Final Standings


  • Spirit – Taoyuan 3 of Clubs (TPE)
  • Gold – Warriors (JPN)
  • Silver – Mangrove Crab (TPE)
  • Bronze – Taoyuan 3 of Clubs (TPE)
  • 4 – Jaeger (JPN)


  • Spirit – Havoc Rampage (SGP)
  • Gold – Huck (JPN)
  • Silver – Havoc Mayhem (SGP)
  • Bronze – Vicious Girls (PHI)
  • 4 – KAOS (AUS)
  • 5 – Havoc Rampage (SGP)
  • 6 – CUUP (CHN)
  • 7 – Demigodess (TPE)
  • 8 – Bad Blood (PHI)
  • 9 – BauHaus (AUS)
  • 10 – Carebears (MAS)
  • 11 – Black Kites (HKG)


  • Spirit – Young Blood (PHI)
  • Gold – Nomadic Tribe (JPN)
  • Silver – Crackerjacks Crush (SGP)
  • Bronze – Goannas (AUS)
  • 4 – Vicious (PHI)
  • 5 – CUUP X (CHN)
  • 6 – Osaka Spirits (JPN)
  • 7 – Crackerjacks Clutch (SGP)
  • 8 – Hao Cool (TPE)
  • 9 – Colony Ultimate (AUS)
  • 10 – Melbourne Hot Chilly (AUS)
  • 11 – Melbourne Juggernaut (AUS)
  • 12 – Carebears (MAS)
  • 13 – Airbenders (IND)
  • 14 – CUUP Y (CHN)
  • 15 – Karne Norte (PHI)
  • 16 – Bagani (PHI)
  • 17 – Ultimaholix-MIT (TPE)
  • 18 – Young Blood (PHI)
  • 19 – Gorilla Strong (JPN)
  • 20 – Pancake (PHI)
  • 21 – Ouch (SGP)
  • 22 – Boys Weekend (HKG)


  • Spirit – Aotearoa (NZL)
  • Gold – Mulatto (PHI)
  • Silver – Boracay Bandits (PHI)
  • Bronze – Sunken Pleasure (PHI)
  • 4 – Paradigm (AU)
  • 5 – Chuckies (SGP)
  • 6 – CGY Ninjas (PHI)
  • 7 – Café de Luida (JPN)
  • 8 – Freakshow (SGP)
  • 9 – Osaka Natto (JPN)
  • 10 – Rascals (SGP)
  • 11 – Sublime (AUS)
  • 12 – Bluebottles (AUS)
  • 13 – Super Nova (TPE)
  • 14 – Alpha (PHI)
  • 15 – CUUP (CHN)
  • 16 – Vanguard (AUS)
  • 17 – #LGW (KOR)
  • 18 – Whisby Nation (TPE)
  • 19 – Rojaks (MAS)
  • 20 – Double T (HKG)
  • 21 – IKU (JPN)
  • 22 – Badgers (MAS)
  • 23 – Garuda (INA)
  • 24 – Cambodia Ultimate (CAM)
  • 25 – ThaiTanium (THA)
  • 26 – Airborne (IND)
  • 27 – Islander (MAS)
  • 28 – Aotearoa (NZL)


Women’s Ultimate

Mixed Ultimate

All Countries

Link to per game spirit of the game scores: