The biggest mixed ultimate tournament in Southeast Asia is now three days long! The Philippine Flying Disc Association is inviting all mixed teams around the globe to play some high level ultimate on November 18 to November 20, 2016 at the Alabang Country Club and wine, dine, and party in Manila Spirits 2017: Go Bid or Go Home. 



The 4th Annual Nationals Mixed Ultimate Championships was held on May 30-31, 2015 at the Bantug Fields and Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City. Sixteen of the best teams from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao flew in for two days of jaw dropping mixed ultimate action.

Sunken Pleasure was the champion of the tournament, beating Extreme Dumaguete at universe point, 15-14.


Most Spirited Team:
Extreme Dumaguete

Final Rankings:
1 Sunken Pleasure - Champions
2 Extreme Dumaguete - 1st Runner Up
3 Sid Vicious - 2nd Runner Up
4 Fasa Fuego
5 Mulatto
6 Boracay Ultimate
7 Boracay Dragons
8 Panay Intensity
9 Alpha
10 8 Ultimate
11 UGA
12 Ceboom
13 Pancake
14 CGY
15 Mascobados
16 DUO

Most Valuable Players - Male & Female:
Antonio Francisco (Borcay Dragons) & Kyrrah Tuvilla (Extreme Dumaguete)

Mythical Seven :
Derek Ramsey (Sid Vicious)
Michael Subang (Fasa Fuego)
Tajji Pasigna (Extreme Dumaguete)
Jeff dela Cerna (Fasa Fuego)
Nina Javier (Sid Vicious)
April Adalim (Boracay Dragons)
Sophie (Boracay Ultimate)

Finals MVP's:
Kevin Pascua (Sunken Pleasure) & Jayne Miranda (Sunken Pleasure)


The 12th Annual Manila Spirits was held on November 13-15, 2015 at the Alabang Country Club, Muntinlupa City. Participants came from all over the world including the best from: USA, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Brunei, China, and Vietnam.

The tournament housed 64 teams, roughly 1,300 athletes, making it the biggest mixed ultimate tournaments in South East Asia; and the biggest Manila Spirits ever in participation to date.


Mixed Division

Most Spirited Team:
The Islanders

Final Rankings:
Pool A:
1 Club Jr. Japan - Champions
2 Mixed Nuts - 1st Runner Up
3 Sunken Pleasure - 2nd Runner Up
4 Some Diggity
5 Boracay Dragons
6 Sid Vicious
7 Mulatto
8 Ninja Cowboy Bear
9 Huwa
10 Boracay Ultimate
11 #LGW
12 Alpha
13 Extreme Dumaguete
14 HK Junk
15 Disc Knights
16 Chuckies
Pool B:
17 SP Black
18 5:30
19 Pancake
20 CGY Ninjas
21 Huckunamatata
22 Made In China
23 Young Blood
24 Gardeners
25 Team OMQ
26 Bai Jia Xing
27 Panay Intensity
28 Ultimate Warriors
29 Gecko
30 Beep Beep
31 Pride of Dongguan
32 Thirsty Camels
Pool C:
33 Tropicals
34 DMD
35 Weekend Karma
36 Typhoons
37 Supremos
38 Breakfast Club
39 Polaris Yamah Ultimate
40 Kim Jong ILLIN v3.0
41 Orphans
42 The Islanders
43 DUO A
44 Barangay Ultimate
45 Chicken Hearts Ultimate
46 The White Propaganda
47 Designated Drinkers
48 Kayumanggi
Pool D:
49 Ateneo Blue Ultimate
50 Minions
51 SP White
52 Spacecakes High
53 Smart Ultimate
54 Maynilad Ultimate
55 Tuguegarao Ultimate
56 Underdogs
57 Ultimate Hot Pandesal
58 Pirates
59 USO
61 Troopers
62 Bicol Ultimate
63 Peking Ocean
64 360 Sky

Most Valuable Players - Male & Female:
Antonio Francisco (Mulatto) & Kyrrah Tuvilla (Extreme Dumaguete)

Mythical Seven :
Jigo Lontoc (The White Propaganda)
Kamimura Matsuya (Club Jr. Japan)
Md Saiful Anuar Iskandar Zulkernain (Tropicals)
John David Liboon (Extreme Dumaguete)
Suzuki Yuko (Club Jr Japan)
Jesse Shofner (Boracay Ultimate)
Jocelyn Chua (Thirsty Camels)

Finals MVP's:
Pool A - Matsuno Masahiro & Fukuoka Nagisa (Club Jr. Japan)
Pool B - Wencie Guevarra & Alex Castro (SP Black)
Pool C - Md Saiful Anuar Iskandar Zulkernain & Natasha Rosli (Tropicals)

Most Stats - Male & Female:
Most Goals - Popoy Pascua (Sunken Pleasure) & Claire Desmond  (Alpha)
Most Assists - Malben Stuart (Chicken Hearts Ultimate) & Ga Larrazabel (Extreme Dumaguete)
Most Blocks - Beau Kittridge (Boracay Dragons) & April Adalim (Boracay Dragons)