WFDF AOUGCC 2017 Day 2 Recap

Thank heavens for the cooperative weather! Day 2 opened with the resumption of yesterday’s suspended games, and the action was as intense as the heat that replaced the morning’s light drizzle.

Today determined which among the 61 Ultimate teams have paved for themselves that much coveted road to finals. 8 teams in the women’s division move up to the quarterfinals: Bad Blood (PHI), Huck (JPN), KAOS (AUS), Demigodess (TWN), CUUP (CHN), Vicious Girls (PHI), and interestingly, Singapore’s Havoc Mayhem and Havoc Rampage who will go on to face one another in the quarterfinals.

Source: All About U

In the men’s division, Vicious (PHI) was able to maintain their winning streak with a standing of 5-0, earning them a slot in the quarters. Joining Vicious are Singapore’s Cracker Jack Crush and Cracker Jack Clutch, Japan’s Osaka Spirits and Nomadic Tribe, CUUP X (CHN), Goannas (AUS), and Hao Cool (TPE).

The 22 teams in the mixed division had to go through nail-biting pre-quarters games to determine which are worthy of the 8 quarterfinal slots. Philippines’ Sunken Pleasure and Boracay Bandits proceed to the quarters undefeated. The remaining 6 teams are 2 more Philippine teams, Mulatto and CGY Ninjas, Singapore’s Chuckies and Freakshow, Café de Luida (JPN), and Paradigm (AUS).

Source: All About U
Source: All About U

The 4 Guts teams – Warrior (JPN), Jaeger (JPN), Mangrove Crab (TPE), and Taoyuan 3 of Clubs (TPE) – faced one another in 6 heart-racing games, following a best-of-three game format. Same format will be used tomorrow in the Bronze and Gold games.

Source: Maynard Ylagan

When the sun set and the dust from the action settled, the teams retreated back home to got changed for the tournament socials at The Filinvest tent. Booze and pica pica awaited the players accompanied by some music from the band and DJ.

More exciting things await at Day 3 as we determine which women’s, men’s, and mixed club teams dominate in the Asia-Oceania region. Adding to the excitement are Trade Night at 6pm and the Awarding/Socials happening immediately after the finals games.