WFDF AOUGCC 2017 Updated Day 2 & 3 Schedule

Revised Schedule for Days 2 and 3 is now online. Please check your teams schedule and advise any irregularities.

Link to Live Google Doc:

There has been no reduction of games.

Games not completed on Day 1 will resume tomorrow morning at an earlier start time of 7.15AM as if a timeout had occurred, with 75mins remaining. Captains are to agree on disc position, possession and confirm score with the field officials prior to start time.

Games will start tomorrow morning and DAY 3 at 7.15AM. Time between games slots has been reduced from 15min to 5min. This will enable completion of the days play at an earlier time, and thus minimise the risk of further game suspensions.

The Women’s Semi-finals have rescheduled time slots with reduced time between games of 45mins and then 60mins. Please see notes on the revised schedule online.

Finals on Day 3 are no longer sequential to enable adjustments as outlined above.

Please ensure all your team mates are fully aware of the changes made. Captains are responsible for communicating with their players.

Apologies for any inconvenience the schedule changes may cause.

If further weather related delays occur this may result in games being canceled and or reduction of games played by teams.