Manila Spirits 2016 – Important Updates

Thank you for following the requirements and securing your teams bid for the 2016 Manila Spirits tournament. We are eight weeks away, and we are so excited to see you all. Here are a few reminders to help you with making this event run smoothly for you (and for us too… hehe):

Logistics Concerns

This years Manila Spirits’ logistics has been divided into 5 groups with 4 Group Heads. When inquiring about things about the event, please add the name of the head of the item concerned on the subject of your email. We will try our very best to reply to your inquiries immediately. The group heads are as follows:

  • Roster Sheets: Maynard Ylagan
  • Player Kits: Karen Cabrera
  • Registration Fees and Payements: Jo Civil
  • Lunches, Hotels, and Shuttle Services: Pinggoy Bautista
  • Tournament Format, and Seeding: Pinggoy Bautista

Roster Sheets

By now, you should have gotten a email informing you that you have access to edit your Teams Roster Sheet (TRS). The TRS is available on the Google Doc which you send your bids to. Please click on the following link to look for your TRS:…/1ZTbZb5dqe2d31UZ4n2sAx_lI4P…/edit…

Once you have located your TRS, please fill it up completely. For reference, please click on the following link:…/1ZTbZb5dqe2d31UZ4n2sAx_lI4P…/edit….

You need to fill up your TRS on or before November 1, 2016. We will be following up with your teams, and your TRS should we see no editing of them. Should your team not get an email, we will be needing your gmail email account so that we can invite you to edit the Google Doc. Please email us if you have any other questions on this.

Player Kits, Jerseys, and Lunches

Each player will be receiving a kit with one (1) jersey apart from other trinkets and goodies we have in store. Our jersey supplier is Boon Technical Clothing and we will be using US sizing only.

Please refer to the sizing chart in the image carousel below, or to the following link:

We are also accepting additional kit orders for people who want to get extra kits. The price of this is yet to be determined but we will send you the details before November 1, 2016.

Each kit will also include three (3) packed lunches for the event, and access to the parties on Saturday Night at Casa Real (details below), and Sunday Night at the fields. Kindly indicate on your TRS if you or your players have specific meal specifications (vegetarian, halal, allergic to shrimp, etc.). We will do our very best to accommodate your meal specifications. If you have no issues with what you eat, kindly indicate “NONE” in the TRS.

Registration Fees, and Deadlines

As you all know, the deadline for the early bird registration fee is on September 30, 2016. All teams have already deposited a team bond which will be deducted from your total team balance, which will be totaled after November 1, 2016. Please be advised that after this date you cannot reduce the number of  players from your roster because the kits would already be in the middle of production by then.

Players can be added, or replaced after this date, however the jersey sizing will be limited to the player that was replaced, or any extra jerseys in stock.

We would also like to request that you send Jo Civil all your deposit slips for the event (previous deposit slips or new ones) in order for us to properly monitor how much your team still owes.

Tournament Theme

The Theme for this year’s Manila Spirits is Spin City: Go Bid or Go Home! and we will be having parlor games appropriate to this year’s theme — a jackpot wheel with tons of prizes, and daily raffles, among other things!

The party will be held in Casa Real in Acacia Estates, Taguig City, and the costume them for the party is Sights and Sounds on the Strip. Come as your favorite street magician, a member of Cirque du Soleil, an Elvis impersonator, or even The Rat Pack. Prizes will be given away to the best individuals, and team costumes.

Tournament Hotels

This year, we have three (3) tournament hotels for you to choose, each one with pros and cons. When booking your accommodations, all transactions and payments with these hotels should be done directly with the hotel, and will not go through the PFDA. For more information, please see the image carousel below. Here are contact details of each hotel:

  • Parque Espana:
  • Azumi Boutique Hotel:
  • Jorivim Apartelle:

Shuttle Services

This year, we have partnered up with Jorivim Transport Corporation to provide you and your teams transportation to and from anywhere you need to go. Just like the hotels, you will need to contact them directly regarding their rates. For more information, please see the image carousel below. Here is the contact details of Jorivim:

  • Richard Gebana:

We look forward to seeing you all this coming November. Please feel free to contact any of us should you have any questions regarding the event.

See you on the fields,
Pinggoy Bautista