Manila Spirits 2016 – Registration Fees

Hello Folks,

Thank so much for all your inputs and comments and suggestions.

We really appreciate your feedback and concerns. After talks with the rest of the board and moving things around, here are the following things that we have agreed upon for the betterment of everyone’s concerns regarding Spirits 2016:

1. We have decided to lower registraiton fees to the following rates:

  • PHP3,000 for PFDA Members Early Registration Fee
  • PHP3,200 for Non PFDA Members Early Registration Fee
  • PHP3,500 for PFDA Members Regular Registration Fee
  • PHP3,700 for Non PFDA Members Regular Registration Fee

Despite these changes on these fees, the due dates on the submission of requirements stay the same. As mentioned in the previous post, teams have to make a non-refundable down payment of PHP20,000 to secure a bid, and players have until September 30, 2016 to avail of the Early Bird Registration Fee.

2. Manila Spirits is still a 3-day Mixed Division tournament.

This year’s Spirits will still be 3 days of Mixed as we have already received several confirmed bids from teams (mostly foreign teams), and I am sure that they have already booked their flights and accommodations.

3. Due to the decrease in the Fees we will have to make several adjustments to our programs:

  • there will only be two (2) Major Parties, one on Saturday night and another on Sunday Night, as we can no longer accommodate the other parties originally planned, the Thursday Night Reception Party and the Friday Night Trade Party.
  • the Captains Meeting will also be adjusted according to the number of people that we can accommodate.

That’s all for now but before I go… We, your PFDA Board, wish to thank each and everyone’s participation in helping us serve you better. We have a lot of things in store for Philippine Ultimate in the coming years, and we want you to know that as part of the community you can voice out your opinions on important matters such as these. Please be advised that this tournament is something that we do not cut corners in, and we take it very seriously as it reflects not only those who organize it but the Philippine Ultimate Community as well.

We appreciate your feedback and hope to see you all in November.

See you on the fields,
Pinggoy Bautista
Philippine Flying Disc Assocation