Manila Spirits 2016 – Rosters

We are a month away from Spirits and we have noticed that there has been little to no activity in your roster sheets since the day that you sent your down payments. We understand that the deadline for final rosters was made on November 1, 2016, however we would really appreciate it if you can already start filling up your roster sheet and sending in an initial roster (meaning, at least 90% of your roster should be filled up). This is so that we can provide to you an awesome tournament kit.

If you have not yet received an invitation to edit your roster sheets, please inform us. We need a gmail email account from your team representative in order to invite him/her to edit your team’s roster in Google Docs. We would really appreciate your cooperation in this.

Please feel free to coordinate with us at with regard to anything and everything Spirits related.

See you in a month’s time!