Nationals 2016 – Teams, Venue

Nationals 2016 will be on May 28-29, 2015, The Villages at Global Clark, Pampanga.

Congratulations to all the teams that qualified for Nationals:

  • 5:30 (Palawan)
  • Alpha (Metro Manila)
  • Boracay Dragons (Boracay)
  • Boracay Ultimate (Boracay)
  • CGY Ninjas (Cagayan De Oro)
  • DUO (Metro Manila)
  • Extreme (Dumaguete)
  • Karne Norte (North Luzon United)
  • Lumad (Bukidnon)
  • Mulatto (Davao)
  • Pampanga United (Pampanga)
  • Pancake (Metro Manila)
  • SP Black (Metro Manila)
  • Sunken Pleasure (Metro Manila)
  • Team Iligan (Iligan)
  • Vicious (Metro Manila)

Registration Fee, Team Down Payment

Individual Registration Fee: 1500php = Tournament Fee (1300php) + PFDA Membership Fee

Team down payment of PHP8,000 is required to be deposited by April 15 in the bank account detailed below. Failure to pay will result with the forfeiture of the slot. Down payment is non-refundable. This will be deducted from the total individual registration fees of the team.

Bank: Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI)
Type: Checking Account
Number: 0010-0475-87
Name: Cedric Palomares

Tournament kits content to be disclosed. All players can expect 2 Lunches, Sunday night party, and Sunday night dinner.

WFDF Accreditation

All players in the line up should undergo the WFDF player accreditation (linked below). The requirement is “Advanced” for the Team Captain, Team Manager, Spirit Captain*, and any other 2 players – a total of 5 players – and “Standard” for everyone else in the line up. We will be strict about this rule: NO accreditation, NO play.

WFDF Link:


For inquiries, you may contact Jansie Santos of Pampanga Ultimate.

Email: | Phone number: 0927-127-4663

Bid Allocation Process

Top 4 teams of the 2015 Nationals automatically qualified. These are Sunken Pleasure, Dumaguete Extreme, Sid Vicious, and Fasa Fuego. However, Fasa Fuego has decided not to join this year’s Nationals.

For Metro Manila, the MMUC Board held a Metro Manila qualifiers last January 16, 2016. The top 3 teams that automatically qualified were Alpha, Pancake and SP Black.

After careful and thorough deliberation of each team’s achievement in 2015 and the recently concluded Love Ultimate, the following teams were invited to be part of Nationals 2016. These are Mulatto, Boracay Ultimate, Boracay Dragons, Lumad, 530, CGY Ninjas, and Team Iligan.

Unfortunately, Team Made In China, SSG, Acidus, MaUT, DDS, Panay Intensity, Ceboom, 8 Ultimate, Ultimate Green Archers(UGA) were invited but decided not to join. Due to this incident, we took the opportunity to give representation and the 3 remaining slots to the North Luzon Ultimate Community (Karne Norte) , Pampanga United (host team) and the 4th seeded Metro Manila qualifier DUO.