Nationals 2017

Greetings from the PFDA Board!
We are very excited to have your team place an interest in participating in this year’s National Tournament. It will be the first time that we will have two new divisions in this year’s Nationals: Mens, and Womens. This is in line with a initiative of the Asian Flying Disc Federation and Member Nationals to start giving more focus to Single Gender Divisions.
Here are a few important details that you must know for this year’s event and can also be accessed on the PFDA Website:
  • Date: May 20, and 21, 2017
  • Venue: Javellana Soccer Fields (beside The Ruins), Talisay, Negros Occidental
  • Divisions: Mens, and Womens
  • Minimum Number of Players per Team: 16 players
  • Registration Fee: 1,500.00 PHP per player inclusive of the following:
    • lunch for 2 days
    • event kit and jersey
    • access to Saturday night party
    • two (2) days of ultimate with all field logistical needs such as medics, water, ice, tents, sound system, and Security 
    • freebies from sponsors
  • PFDA National Membership Fee: 200.00 PHP
  • Total Fees per Person: 1,700.00 PHP


  1. Your team must make a down payment of 10,000.00 PHP to the PFDA Bank Account:
    • 00-190-000026-2 
  2. Once down payment has been made, please email us a copy of the deposit slip at with the name of your team and division written on the Deposit Slip. This down payment is non-refundable.
  3. Your team will then receive access to editing your teams roster sheet on the Google Doc for the Event.
  4. Deadline for securing your team’s bid for Nationals is on March 31, 2017.


Who can participate?
  • Any Open and Womens Club Teams from specific Regions in the Philippines.
  • Must be a Filipino National or a foreigner residing in the Philippines. 
  • Teams are allowed to merge with other clubs from the same region.
  • Teams are allowed to pick up four (4) players outside of your region.
  • Final submission of Rosters will be on May 1, 2017
  • Any additions or changes will be accepted however deductions will not be allowed and will only be accepted under specific criteria. Furthermore changes in the size of Player Jerseys will be accepted only on availability on jersey sizes.


All team balances must be settled with the PFDA via bank deposit on or before May 17, 2017. We will be enforcing a ‘No Pay, No Play Policy’ on all participating teams.


All teams are required to have matching uniforms (top and bottom) for all players and coaching staff for the event. Jersey numbers must be from 0 – 99 and must not have symbols (#,.%* etc.) in their numbers.

All teams are required to have one white and one colored top and one bottom.


All players must take the WFDF Accreditation Rules and pass in their STANDARD Rules Accreditation Forms along with their WFDF ID Numbers.

At least two (2) of the players on the team must also pass in their ADVANCED Rules Accreditation Forms along with their WFDF ID Numbers. All Forms are due on MAY 17, 2017.


A week before the event, we will be holding a Captains Forum to discuss Format, Seeding and Schedules. This will take the place of the Captains Meeting and will be done online (either on Google Hangouts or Facebook Messenger).

Captains are not required to attended this Forum but are encouraged to do so. All changes made in this forum are final and can no longer be changed after the forum. More details regarding this forum will be posted on the PFDA Website.


Format Schedule and Seeding will be released on the PFDA Website for review before the Captains Forum and will be open to changes only through the Forum. Outside messages and comments will not be accepted and will only be recognized in the Captains Forum.


We have partnered up with NATURE’S VILLAGE HOTEL located 10 minutes away from the Venue and the Airport on hotel accommodations and will be giving all participants a 30% DISCOUNT on all their Single and Double Occupancy Rooms and given us a Special Rate on their dormitory type rooms for the duration of the event.

A breakdown of rooms are as follows on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS:

For Single or Double Occupancy (without breakfast)
Kind of Room Standard Rate 30% Off Cost per Person Remarks
Premier Rooms 4,500.00 3,150.00 1,575.00 / night can add extra beds
Deluxe East Room 3,500.00 2,450.00 1,225.00 / night can add extra beds
Deluxe Room 3,000.00 2,100.00 1,050.00 / night can add extra beds
Superior Room 2,400.00 1,680.00 840.00 / night can add extra beds
Standard Room 1,800.00 1,260.00 630.00 / night can add extra beds
Family Rooms (dorm type, without breakfast)
Kind of Room Rates Good for Cost per Person Remarks
Sofia 1 7,500.00 25 people 300.00 / night
Sofia 2 7,500.00 25 people 300.00 / night
Sofia 3 3,000.00 10 people 300.00 / night
Sofia 4 1,500.00 5 people 300.00 / night
Sofia 5 2,400.00 8 people 300.00 / night
Sofia 6 1,500.00 6 people 250.00 / night no private bathroom
Sofia 7 2,400.00 8 people 300.00 / night

A reservation fee of 50% of the total bill is required upon confirmation. Payment shall be deposited at Nature’s Village Resort Saving’s Account No. 1088-01264-7, RCBC Savings Bank, Mandalagan Branch, Bacolod City. The remaining balance of 50% shall be settled within five (5) working days before date of reservation. Please fax a copy of the deposit slip. For further inquiries, please call us at (034) 495-0426/0922-8512231 or send an email to or visit them at

We are also in talks for providing FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE from the hotel to the fields for all guest for the days of the event and also considering the Hotel to be the venue for the Saturday Night Party.

We look forward to having you take part in this years Nationals for any more questions, feel free to contact us here via email.

See you in Talisay!

Pinggoy Bautista