Pavvurulun Ultimate Open 2017 Recap

About 13 grueling hours north of Manila is Tuguegarao Ultimate, an ultimate community whose intense love for the sport perfectly complements its hometown’s infamous sweltering weather. At their second annual Pavvurulun Ultimate Open, held on April 28-29 at Cagayan Sports Complex, their community spirit shone its strongest. Aptly named Pavvurulun, which is “unity” in the Ybanag dialect, TUGs Ultimate showcased oneness to give all PUO2017 participants a fun, comfortable and memorable experience.

PUO 2017 - TUGS vs Astro
PUO 2017 – TUGS vs Astro
Photo by Kent Corpuz

Eight teams participated in PUO2017: Stallion Ultimate (Ilocos Norte), UFC (Isabela), Power Ringer (Manila and Pampanga), and as an exhibition of how big Tuguegarao’s ultimate community is, five Tuguegarao teams: CagU, Vice Grip, Astro, TUGs, and DATU.

PUO 2017 - Boodle Fight
PUO 2017 – Boodle Fight
Photo by Alvin Reyes

Day 1 weather was rather kind to the players, especially to the first-time Tuguegarao guests. Teams enjoyed four games under thick, friendly clouds with frequent blows of cool breeze – a remarkable contrast to its trademark weather, which often goes by the adjectives “scorching”, “fiery”, and “hellish”. In the spirit of oneness, players were treated to a boodle fight lunch of tilapia, salted eggs, and a variety of vegetables. Later in the evening, a party replete with cocktails and lechon was held on the rooftop of North Path Auto Service.

Day 2 weather, on the other hand, was comparably more intense, as if a symbolism of the rising intensity of the quarter final, semi-final, and championship games. Towards the end of the day, CagU and TUGs, both of which were comprised of TUGs players on regular league and tournament days, battled it out on the championship field. The match started with JM Rasos, Luie Dampog, Phray Camacho, Kay Raynera and the rest of CagU dominating the field and even placing 3 points ahead at 5-2. It may have been a slow start for Ace Macababbad, Harvey Banatao, Brix Tesoro, Christine Delos Santos and all the other guys of TUGs but once they had revved up their momentum, they were able to catch up and exchange point after point with CagU until ultimately reaching a tie at 14-14. The championship match ended with TUGs reigning on their home turf as Brix made a swift assist to Harvey to score the universe point.

PUO 2017 - Sky Battle
PUO 2017 – Sky Battle
Photo by Kent Corpuz

PUO2017 weekend didn’t end at the awarding held immediately after the finals game, but extended ‘til the next day, May 1. Guests did a side trip to the magnificent Callao and Sierra Caves, after which, TUGs hosted a batil patong picnic at the beautiful Mororan River. After all the happenings, the generous hosts sent off the guests with bags of pasalubong comprised of longganisa, pastillas, and chicharabao. For a registration fee of 6,000 pesos per team, this was a pretty good deal – sulit!

PUO 2017 - Mororan River
PUO 2017 – Mororan River
Photo by Ace Macababbad

The organizers of Pavvurulun Ultimate Open, led by Ace Macababbad, aim to achieve two primary goals through their major annual event: 1) to promote Tuguegarao as both a sports and tourism destination; and 2) to sustain their local ultimate community through exposure to high-level competition without needing to travel far and incur huge expenses. This is no simple feat for the community, especially because of its remarkable distance from the greater ultimate community, but it is a goal worth supporting.  Fortunately, their efforts towards the growth and promotion of the sport are rewarded by support from the government. All Wednesdays through Sundays of summer, Tuguegarao Ultimate, in cooperation with the city government of Tuguegarao, holds a free clinic for beginners.  

What’s next for Tuguegarao Ultimate Community? The Ultimate Battle of the North: North Luzon Ultimate Championships happening on August 12-13. Check out the official event page on Facebook!

Congratulations to the participants, organizers, and staff of Pavvurulun Ultimate Open 2017!

Champion: TUGs
1st Runner Up: Cagayan Ultimate
2nd Runner Up: Astronauts

Spirited Team: Stallion Ultimate

Finals MVP:

  • Harvey Banatao (TUGs)
  • Christine Delos Santos (TUGs)

Tournament MVP’s:

  • Billy Joe Siriban (DATU)
  • Christine Delos Santos (TUGs)

Most Goals:

  • Loui Dampog (Cagayan Ultimate)

Most Assist:

  • Brixtler Tesoro (TUGs)

Most Blocks:

  • Russell Guevarra (Power Ringer)

Mythical 7:

  • Ace Macababbad (TUGs)
  • Brixtler Tesoro (TUGs)
  • Fernando Palatan (TUGs)
  • Loui Dampog (Cagayan Ultimate)
  • Kay Raynera (Cagayan Ultimate)
  • Marie De Mata (Cagayan Ultimate)
  • Regina Tuliao (DATU)

Spirited 7:

  • Paul Inamarga (Astronauts)
  • Maverick Carag (Vice Grip)
  • Adrian Baysa (Stallion Ultimate)
  • Jess De Jesus (UFC)
  • Jansie Santos (Power Ringer)
  • Zylexandria Bombita (Astronauts)
  • Guia Baliuag (DATU)