PFDA Board 2016-2017 Opening Message

Dear Philippine Ultimate Community,

A lot has happened in the past couple of months since we, the newly elected board, have stepped into office. We pressed a lot of milestones in the sport of Ultimate that helped propel the community in both the local sector and the world ultimate stage. As much as there has been a lot of good happening for our sport, there has also been a lot of questions raised on a lot of things.

In this letter I hope to address and deal with all matters that have happened, and will be happening while we are your board of directors.

So, here goes:

Official Board Member Positions and Roles

After several board meetings, the positions and roles of each of the elected board members have been assigned as follows:

  • Pinggoy Bautista – President: Responsible for overseeing all activities in the PFDA and responsibilities of the board. Appointed overall head of Manila Spirits 2016.
  • Karen Cabrera – Vice President: Responsible for Education, the National Team Program, development of ultimate in the provinces, and provincial representation in both local and international events.
  • Maynard Ylagan – Secretary: Responsible for Communications between PFDA and other associations both local and international, managing the proper paperwork of the association for the proper recognition by the SEC and the PSC as an organization.
  • Jo Civil – Treasurer: Responsible for opening and managing the PFDA Bank Account, and providing Official Receipts of PFDA transactions for submission to a third-party Certified Public Accountant (CPA) – the CPA, which is not a board member, provides the proper checks and balances for the association’s Finances, as well as provide monthly financial statements to its members .

Aside from theses roles, each board member has been assigned a specific region in the Philippines, and handle all ultimate related concerns in the region assigned to them. These regions and the board member responsible for them are:

  • Pinggoy Bautista – Northern and Southern Luzon
  • Jo Civil – Metro Manila
  • Karen Cabrera – Visayas
  • Maynard Ylagan – Mindanao

The board has also given thought on creating a Council of Elders (COE). The COE would be composed of players that have helped grow the sport in the Philippines – these could be previous board members or pioneers in the community – that can give its advice involving issues that the board cannot decide upon. The COE does not have a vote or power to cast a vote and is merely there to give advice to the present board.

In the event of a split decision among the four board members regarding important issues involving the community, the board has agreed to contact the captains of all registered PFDA Member Teams, and ask them to vote on what they think should be done. Their collective vote becomes the  vote of the “5th” Member of the board.

The National Team Program

The PFDA Board plans to continue supporting the National Teams moving forward towards the future where ultimate is a sport in the Olympics. We are planning to send teams to France for Beach Worlds in 2017, and U24 teams to Perth in 2018.

Applications to sign up for interested parties (players, manager, coaches etc.) will be handled same as last year. More on the process in a separate post but interested applicants for the World Championship of Beach Ultimate (WCBU) should keep in mind the deadline of  applications is September 15, 2016. The teams need to be finalized by the board before the Team Fee deadline of October 15, 2016.

The Big Switch – Mixed Division to Single Gender Divisions

Going back to the lessons we learned from this year’s World Ultimate Guts Championships (WUGC), the Philippines and the rest of the Southeast Asian countries present in the Asian Flying Disc Federation (AFDF) Congress have agreed that a change in the primary division is needed so that we can stay competitive against the other countries.

Starting next year, the PFDA will be focusing on single gender events on the first half of the year, and the later half will be dedicated towards mixed division events. The PFDA will be hosting and organizing several of these events Nationwide with several events already lined up for the each season. We will be teaming up with existing events on moving towards this change, and in return give the organizers support to run their events smoothly. In general, organizers may still follow the format they prefer and will not be required to change but the PFDA board will continue to work with these groups in helping make this change possible.

Nationals 2017

In line with the change, the PFDA Board is considering having two “Nationals” next year – one in a mixed division format, and the other having both Open and Women’s divisions. One of the Nationals will still fall in May but the board is still deciding when the other will take place.

We are currently looking at two locations in the Visayas Region to host Nationals next year.

Manila Spirits 2016

The format for this year’s Manila Spirits will be Mixed Division for all three tournament days (November 18-20, 2016) foregoing the original format which also had an Open Division and a Women’s Division. The board has decided on this change for the following reasons:

  • Open to More Teams. In the previous years, we’ve difficulties in registration when putting a cap on the number of teams that can participate in Manila Spirits. We plan to get rid this by having more game days so that we can accommodate more teams as compared to before.
  • Changes in Tournament Format. We also plan on changing the game format of the event meaning game times will be longer, and game caps will be higher as compared to previous Manila Spirits – in short, longer games, longer parties, and later starting time of games in the morning. This format will be released once we have the secured number of teams enlisted two weeks before the event.

The venue of Manila Spirits will still be in the Alabang Country Club, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila.


The PFDA board along with the AFDF are currently working on receiving grant money from the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF). The money will be used to bring in coaches to create clinics for both intermediate and advanced players that wish further develop their game, and to bring in coaches for coaching certification programs to help teach the sport of Ultimate in the Academic Level.

It is the main goal of the board to create a PFDA Coaching Certification Program to help our Filipino Ultimate Coaches with their development as coaches as well as the continued spread of the sport in the country.

In addition to this, the PFDA plans to purchase proper equipment (cones, discs, etc.) for distribution to sanctioned events, and commissions under the PFDA by next year in line with the switch from mixed to single gender division.

Other Programs

  • PFDA Website ( – The PFDA board is relaunching the website. The site will hold all information and details regarding PFDA-sanctioned events. In addition to this, the site will also contain archives of results and videos of previous events, and a monthly financial report of the PFDA Funds accessible only by PFDA Members. The social media channels will still be intact (Facebook Page and Group) but all official and accredited information regarding ultimate in the Philippines will be posted on the PFDA website. Finally, the site will also house links to the official bank account of the PFDA which will allow teams and players to pay for the events of the PFDA via wire transfer of Credit Card Deposit to provide a hassle free payment system without any forex or money exchange issues. The site was made possible with the help of some community members from the group FourPoint.Zero.
  • PFDA Bank Account – The PFDA board is in the process of opening two bank accounts: (1) PFDA General Account, and the (2) Team Philippines Account. The bank which the board has decided to open its accounts with is Union Bank. The PFDA General Account will be up and operational before the end of August while the Team Philippines Account will be opened once we finalize the overall revenue made by Manila Spirits 2016.
  • PFDA Membership – There has been a huge decrease in the number of PFDA members over the last few years. The list has dwindled down to include only the teams that participate in Nationals and Manila Spirits. The PFDA Board aims to bring more value into being a member of the community by adding benefits into PFDA Membership, and not just access to play in PFDA sanctioned event. Some of the proposed benefits include:
    • 1 Year Sports Accident Insurance with claims all over the Philippines and International
    • Free Medical Consultations Nationwide
    • Discounts on selected brands catering to Ultimate players
    • Discounts on establishments and restaurants
    • Moving Forward, our board would like to thank each and everyone of you for nominating and believing in us in leading the way towards the growth of our sport in the Philippines. We ask for your continued support and patience in our endeavors and promise to be able to provide for your all the things that we set out to accomplish before our term ends.
Mabuhay ang Philippine Ultimate!
Pinggoy Bautista
Philippine Flying Disc Assocation