WFDF 2017 AOUGCC Weekend Recap

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On August 18-20, the Philippine Flying Disc Association hosted the WFDF 2017 Asia Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships at the Alabang Country Club in Manila, Philippines. 65 teams participated in the following events/divisions: 4 – Guts; 11 – Women’s; 22 Men’s; and 28 Mixed. The 14 nations represented were Australia, Cambodia, China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

The 2017 AOUGCC can be an indicator of the development of disc sports in the Asia-Oceania region. What could be most remarkable is the growth of club teams in the open and women’s divisions. In the last AOUCC held in Singapore in 2013, there were only 4 open teams and not enough bids to pool a women’s division. This year, there were 22 men’s teams and 11 women’s teams.

Source: All About U
Source: All About U
Source: All About U
Source: All About U

A guts clinic was held during the 2016 Manila Spirits to introduce the Philippine disc community to the sport and, finally, this year’s AOUGCC was the first time that it was part of a tournament. 2 teams each from Japan (Warriors, Jaeger) and Chinese Taipei (Mangrove Crab, Taoyuan 3 of Clubs) battled one another in the 2-day guts event. Japan’s Warriors bested the remaining teams and won the title.

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Source: All About U

Day 1 weather proved to be a challenge as the morning’s sweltering heat developed into overcast with threats of rain and thunderstorm. This caused the cancellation of the last set of games, consequently resulting in adjustments in schedule throughout the weekend. Still, Day 1 was replete with high-flying action as each of the 61 ultimate teams fought it out to make a name in the Asia-Oceania region.

As early as Day 1, Huck (JPN), KAOS (AUS), and Havoc Mayhem (SGP) had successfully established themselves a force to reckon with in the women’s division as they placed themselves on top of their brackets undefeated. As the tournament progressed, Vicious Girls (PHI) caught up with these three teams to secure a slot in the semis, and eventually steal the spot in the top 3 from KAOS (AUS). As many had predicted, it was a battle between Japan and Singapore in the finals where a huck assist to Kana Kobayashi sealed the finals for Huck at 15-12.

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Men’s division had plenty of interesting twists and turns. Colony Ultimate (AUS) started strong with a 3-0 standing in Day 1 but was deprived of a chance at a quarterfinal when they were defeated by Crackerjacks Crush (SGP) in the pre-quarters. The same fate befell Vicious (PHI) when the same Singapore team ended their winning streak in the semi-final. On the other field, it was a tight semis game between Goannas (AUS) and Nomadic Tribe (JPN) where the latter scored the universe point to win themselves a place in the finals. As it had been in the women’s division, it was a battle between Japan and Singapore for the championship. Nomadic Tribe (JPN) and Crackerjacks Crush (SGP) were neck and neck as each team adjusted strategies to beat the other’s defense and offense. That was until an unfortunate error from Crackerjacks caused a turnover, of which Nomadic Tribe took advantage to score the championship at 15-13.

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It was total Philippine domination in the Mixed Division with Mulatto (PHI), Boracay Bandits (PHI), and Sunken Pleasure (PHI) bagging Gold, Silver, and Bronze respectively. Mulatto (PHI) delivered the most astounding game when they crawled out of a 3-point deficit to pin the Bandits to their halftime score of 8. The Davao squad successfully converted every turnover to score 10 straight points, ending the championship game at 15-8.

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Completing the festivities were a party at Filinvest Tent on Saturday night and jersey trade and awarding ceremonies on Sunday night after all the final games.

On behalf of the Philippine Flying Disc Association, congratulations to the winners and big thanks to all the 65 teams for making it to Manila for the 2017 WFDF Asia-Oceanic Ultimate and Guts Club Championships. Hope to see you back on the fields of Alabang Country Club for the 2017 Manila Spirits in November!

Final Rankings


  • Spirit – Taoyuan 3 of Clubs (TPE)
  • Gold – Warriors (JPN)
  • Silver – Mangrove Crab (TPE)
  • Bronze – Taoyuan 3 of Clubs (TPE)
  • 4 – Jaeger (JPN)


  • Spirit – Havoc Rampage (SGP)
  • Gold – Huck (JPN)
  • Silver – Havoc Mayhem (SGP)
  • Bronze – Vicious Girls (PHI)
  • 4 – KAOS (AUS)
  • 5 – Havoc Rampage (SGP)
  • 6 – CUUP (CHN)
  • 7 – Demigodess (TPE)
  • 8 – Bad Blood (PHI)
  • 9 – BauHaus (AUS)
  • 10 – Carebears (MAS)
  • 11 – Black Kites (HKG)


  • Spirit – Young Blood (PHI)
  • Gold – Nomadic Tribe (JPN)
  • Silver – Crackerjacks Crush (SGP)
  • Bronze – Goannas (AUS)
  • 4 – Vicious (PHI)
  • 5 – CUUP X (CHN)
  • 6 – Osaka Spirits (JPN)
  • 7 – Crackerjacks Clutch (SGP)
  • 8 – Hao Cool (TPE)
  • 9 – Colony Ultimate (AUS)
  • 10 – Melbourne Hot Chilly (AUS)
  • 11 – Melbourne Juggernaut (AUS)
  • 12 – Carebears (MAS)
  • 13 – Airbenders (IND)
  • 14 – CUUP Y (CHN)
  • 15 – Karne Norte (PHI)
  • 16 – Bagani (PHI)
  • 17 – Ultimaholix-MIT (TPE)
  • 18 – Young Blood (PHI)
  • 19 – Gorilla Strong (JPN)
  • 20 – Pancake (PHI)
  • 21 – Ouch (SGP)
  • 22 – Boys Weekend (HKG)


  • Spirit – Aotearoa (NZL)
  • Gold – Mulatto (PHI)
  • Silver – Boracay Bandits (PHI)
  • Bronze – Sunken Pleasure (PHI)
  • 4 – Paradigm (AU)
  • 5 – Chuckies (SGP)
  • 6 – CGY Ninjas (PHI)
  • 7 – Café de Luida (JPN)
  • 8 – Freakshow (SGP)
  • 9 – Osaka Natto (JPN)
  • 10 – Rascals (SGP)
  • 11 – Sublime (AUS)
  • 12 – Bluebottles (AUS)
  • 13 – Super Nova (TPE)
  • 14 – Alpha (PHI)
  • 15 – CUUP (CHN)
  • 16 – Vanguard (AUS)
  • 17 – #LGW (KOR)
  • 18 – Whisby Nation (TPE)
  • 19 – Rojaks (MAS)
  • 20 – Double T (HKG)
  • 21 – IKU (JPN)
  • 22 – Badgers (MAS)
  • 23 – Garuda (INA)
  • 24 – Cambodia Ultimate (CAM)
  • 25 – ThaiTanium (THA)
  • 26 – Airborne (IND)
  • 27 – Islander (MAS)
  • 28 – Aotearoa (NZL)